What is workers compensation?

 Workers compensation is somewhat of a compromise between employees and employers. Businesses accept responsibility for any work injuries and sicknesses, even if they would normally not be liable. In return, employees typically may not sue in court for work injury or sickness. In return, they get faster and more certain compensation. In the state of California, all employers are required to provide workers compensation to their employees in order to compensate for many forms of workplace injuries or illnesses, including:

-Occupational diseases and disorders, such as heart problems or repetitive stress injuries
-Work-related motor vehicle accidents
-Back or neck injuries caused by heavy lifting
-Depression and stress-related injuries caused by harassment or other circumstances
-Traumatic brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries
-Pain syndromes, such as fibromyalgia
-Job-site and construction accidents

Regardless of your injury or illness, the attorneys at Tous Law Group can help you with qualifying for workers compensation from start to finish. 

 Tous Law Group has labored for over a decade to secure the wages and benefits of California workers. Attorney David Tous has dedicated his firm to workers’ compensation cases, and brings to each case and client both an understanding of the difficulties involved in regaining benefits and a deep knowledge of how to protect workers’ rights.

Tous Law Group works with a dedication to personalized representation and individual attention. Each of the firm’s four attorneys knows well how frustrating the process of fighting an insurance company can be - David Tous himself is a former claims adjuster for an insurance company - and each works diligently to stay current of any change in law or procedure that can give clients an edge. The firm serves all of Orange County from its office in Huntington Beach.

California workers denied benefits and wages need attorneys who understand all aspects of the law and of insurance companies themselves. The team at Tous Law Group has the knowledge and experience

to fight for workers’ rights, and the compassion and understanding to see them

through the legal process.  


Serving California workers who have been injured on the job

Helping injured workers for more than a decade

Being injured on the job can be a traumatic and confusing occurrence. Proper notifications must be given, forms must be completed and investigations are often conducted. It is common for your employer to lose sight of the fact you are injured. The legal team at Tous Law understands that you need to focus on recovery. When you have been hurt on the job, we handle the hassles and fighting with the insurance company so you don’t have to. 

 If you have been injured on the job, the attorneys at Tous Law Group can help you understand the workers’ compensation benefits available to you and any third-party claims you may be able to pursue. There are several types of wage replacement benefits, depending on the progress of the claim and the severity of the injury. Some of the benefits available in California include:

Medical care. Workers’ compensation benefits include payment of your medical care related to your workplace injury or illness.
Temporary disability benefits. Temporary total disability benefits are paid if you are unable to engage in any type of substantial and gainful employment because of your workplace injury. The minimum temporary disability weekly rate is $160, but depending on your circumstances it can be more.
Permanent disability benefits. Permanent disability benefits are paid if you are rendered completely and permanently incapable of engaging in any type of substantial and gainful employment because of your workplace injury. The loss of your eyes, hands, arms, feet or legs generally constitutes permanent total disability. The current weekly rate of payment is $1,059.38.
Supplemental job displacement benefits. If you have a permanent partial disability, you may be entitled to supplemental job displacement benefits, which can be used to pay for educational retraining or skill enhancement.
Death benefits. Survivors’ benefits are paid to an employee’s surviving spouse and dependent children if death occurs as a result of injury. Burial expenses up to $10,000 are also covered.

If you need help applying for workers’ compensation benefits or you face denied benefits, a workers’ comp lawyer can help. The legal team at Tous Law Group can also assist you with pursuing Social Security disability benefits.