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Wrongful Termination

When is a termination of employment wrongful? As it turns out, more often than most people think.  Call our office and discuss.

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At Tous & Associates, we're dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that we're here to help. 

 At the Tous Law Group, we know how tough it can be when you’re hurt at work or wrongfully terminated. You don’t know who to turn to or who can help. From our offices, located in Orange, CA, our goal is to get you the benefits and compensation you deserve whether you have been injured on the job or fired unfairly. For more than a decade, founder David Tous and his team have worked to protect the rights and livelihood of people across the state of California. We’ve got the experience and the knowledge to help.We understand you have injuries. We know you’re confused. You can count on us to make sense of the system and get you the benefits and help you deserve. 

Both at-will and contract-based employees can experience wrongful terminations, and this is true even when an employer reserves the right to terminate “for any reason or no reason at all.” Under California and federal law, there are clear and well-established limitations on when and why employers can fire employees. In short, a wrongful termination occurs when the termination violates statutes, public policies and/or breaches an employment agreement.

 Do not delay in pursuing the compensation you are entitled to receive for your work-related injuries or wrongful termination. Tous Law Group handles work injury cases throughout California. Contact us at 714-377-1068 or online to schedule your free initial consultation at one of our locations. And remember, if you do not obtain a recovery, we are not paid a fee. 

We've represented numerous clients in injury cases and we have the experience that you're looking for. We're always willing to work with you on our fees and services. We're simply here to help you.